The 11 best ways to Manage Anxiety


What Exactly is Anxiety? Humans have an innate reaction to stressful situations, which is anxiety. Or danger. It is a fear or apprehension about what’s to come, ranging from mild to severe. Stress can be helpful in certain situations, as it can prepare us to respond to a threat, but when it becomes excessive, it … Read more

What is Trichotillomania (Hair Pulling Disorder)


What is Trichotillomania? Hair-pulling disorder, or Trichotillomania (trik-o-til-o-MAY-nee-uh), is a mental condition characterized by compulsive, repeated cravings to take out hair from the scalp, eyebrows, or other regions of the body. Bald patches may be left behind when hair is pulled out of the scalp, which can be pretty upsetting and make it difficult to … Read more


What is Psychotherapy? Psychological or psychiatric consultation and treatment via talks have a reputation for being referred to as “psychotherapy.” Through psychotherapy, you should expect to gain insight into your condition and your emotions, ideas, and actions. Throughout psychotherapy, you will develop the tools to constructively manage difficult emotions and behaviors. A wide variety of … Read more

How to get rid of Headache, What are the Causes and Treatment

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What is Headache? The majority of people will suffer from a headache at some point in their lives. They may be anything from a little annoyance to a full-blown collapse, and they often accompany with nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, and an extreme sensitivity to sound and light. We’ll go through the many kinds of headaches, what … Read more